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Entra Permissions Management: Partner Perspectives

Episode Summary

We invited Invoke on the podcast to highlight what it's been like supporting customers in their adoption of Entra Permissions Management. Invoke is a top 10 US based Microsoft partner in the security space.

Episode Notes

Useful links
Stephen Leuthold - Director of Modern Work & Security - Invoke
Stephen Leuthold | LinkedIn

Kaido Järvemets - Principal Consultant - Invoke
Kaido Järvemets | LinkedIn

Kristopher Turner - Principal Consultant - Invoke
Kristopher Turner | LinkedIn

Littus Dsouza - Senior Product Manager - Microsoft
Littus Dsouza | LinkedIn

Invoke Microsoft Entra Permissions Management Multi-Cloud Risk Assessment:

Entra Permissions Management Trial User Guide:
Trial User Guide - Microsoft Entra Permissions Management - Microsoft Entra | Microsoft Learn